Debug Scanner

Debug Scanner
Debug Scanner

Name Debug Scanner
Source Mod GregTech 4
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No

The Debug Scanner is a creative-mode scanner added by GregTech 4 used to view debug info on any machine. The Scanner is only available via usage of NEI, /give or a Creative Mode inventory. It outputs data into chat, the manner and content of which is similar to the Portable Scanner, which may be considered an EU-powered version of the Debug Scanner that can be obtained legitimately in Survival mode. The Scanner also functions as a practically infinite source of power. It is theoretically able to store two billion EU (2,000,000,000) but defaults to one billion when it is placed in a player's inventory. Thus, a Debug Scanner can be used to fully charge any power storage device, even an Interdimensional Energy Storage Unit.

Although the Debug Scanner can store power, its power storage appears to function differently from that of any other item, as it has no durability bar, does not assume different metadata values according to its stored energy level, and allows for instantaneous charge/discharge of energy when it is placed in either slot of an energy storage unit. It can also charge and be discharged in any tier of energy storage unit despite its outlandish storage capacities.

When the Debug Scanner is used to right-click on a block, it outputs the following statistics:

  • The name of the block (doesn't function properly with Microblocks, Grass, some vanilla blocks and a few other things)
  • The item ID of the block
  • The meta-data value of the block (doesn't function properly with Microblocks and a few other things)
  • The block's hardness modifier (determines the time that the block will take to break)
  • The block's explosion resistance (determines how much TNT/Nukes are necessary to blow it up)

If the block is able to accept EU, the following stats are outputted in addition:

  • Added to the Energy Net (true/false value, enables the machine to accept power via Cable)
  • The amount of energy that it requires
  • The maximum safe input voltage via cable in EU/p

If the block is from IndustrialCraft2, the following stats are outputted in addition as well as those in the previous set of bullet points:

  • The direction the block is facing (refers to cardinal direction number as seen via F3 menu)
  • The chance, in percentage, that the block will be picked up when removed with a standard IC2 Wrench (does not apply to Electric Wrench in lossless mode or OmniWrench, where chance is always 100%)

Depending on the circumstances, the following stats may also be outputted:

  • If it is an energy storage device from IndustrialCraft2 or a GregTech machine, the current level of stored energy and the maximum amount of stored energy is displayed
  • If it can output energy, the block's rate of energy output is displayed
  • If it is a GregTech block, whether the block is currently active or not is displayed
  • If it is a GregTech block, whether the block is accessible to the player who used the Scanner on it is displayed
  • Whether or not it can be used to power a Teleporter is displayed
  • The rate of energy loss in cables is displayed


Even although it is unobtainable in Survival Mode, this item still has Thaumcraft 4 aspects: 64 of
. The aspect stands for "Cheatyness" and its amount is the highest possible amount, referring to the fact that it's only obtainable with cheats.


Debug Scanner has no known uses in crafting.