Carbon (GregTech 5 Material)

Carbon is a material added by GregTech 5 mod.

Carbon is a MV-tier material, it is used to increase the metal output from chemically compound dusts when smelted in Electric Blast Furnace Electric Blast Furnace to 1.5 ingots from 1 dust. It is used to create Resistors Resistors and Gunpowder Gunpowder.

Later in the game Carbon is used to create Raw Carbon Fibre Raw Carbon Fibre, which unlocks a lot of new content, including NanoSuit and Modular NanoSuit armor sets, Duct Tape Duct Tape, the ultimate maintenance tool, Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Resin and finally Oxygen Plasma Oxygen Plasma in Fusion Reactor Fusion Reactor.

Material Forms[edit]

In GregTech 5 Carbon comes in these forms:

GUI Material Tree GT5.png

Carbon Dust
Small Pile of Carbon Dust
Tiny Pile of Carbon Dust
Carbon Ingot
Carbon Nugget
Carbon Bolt
Carbon Screw
Carbon Rod
Long Carbon Rod
Carbon Plate
Double Carbon Plate
Molten Carbon
Carbon Frame Box
Carbon Turbine Blade

Obtaining Material[edit]

There are several ways of obtaining this material:

Material Properties[edit]

  • Material: Carbon
  • Durability: 6,400
  • lvl: 2
  • Attack Damage: 6 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png)
  • Mining Speed: 1
  • Enchantment: None
  • Turbine Efficiency: 70
  • Optimal Gas flow: 50 EU/t