Machine Tiers

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Each recipe has a minimal machine tier it can be performed in. This is defined by how many EU/t this recipe needs. If the recipe, which is performed in the machine of lower tier is executed in the machine of higher tier, the overclocking will apply. For every 4x the energy requirements it lowers the processing time twice. The overclocking will apply as many times as it possibly can without the energy requirements exceeding the maximum for this machine tier. For example, if the recipe has energy requirements in 100 EU/t and it takes 8 seconds, this means it can be performed in the machines of MV-tier and higher. If this recipe is performed in the machine of EV-tier, the overclocking will apply 2 times: first time it will have 400 EU/t in 4 seconds, next it will have 1600 EU/t in 2 seconds. The next is 6400 EU/t, which is higher than 2048, the maximum for EV, so the third overclocking bonus does not apply. So the player needs the supply of 1600 EU/t to execute this recipe in the machine of EV tier.