Dragon Egg Energy Siphon

Dragon Egg Energy Siphon
Dragon Egg Energy Siphon

Name Dragon Egg Energy Siphon
Source Mod GregTech 4
ID Name
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 30.0
Hardness 10.0
Solid Yes
Transparent Yes
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Drops Machine Parts Machine Parts (1)
Required Tool Wrench

The Dragon Egg Energy Siphon is a block added by GregTech 4 that uses the energy stored within a Dragon Egg to generate EU. If a Dragon Egg is placed on top of the Energy Siphon, the Siphon generates and outputs 1024 EU/t splitted between each of its five available faces (i.e. if there are four cables connected, each will receive 256 EU/t; if there are two, each will receive 512 EU/t, etc.) The Dragon Egg MUST be placed on top of the Siphon for it to function. If the Dragon Egg is placed adjacent to any other face, the Siphon will not function. The Siphon is functioning if its side faces take on a purple color.

If the Siphon is broken while active, it will explode and destroy the Dragon Egg.

Also, by default GregTech has an anti-cheat measure that prevents more than one Dragon Egg being placed in the world at a time. Placing more than one Dragon Egg will cause them to explode, taking the siphon with it. To disable this, find the following line in Minecraft/config/GregTech folder, in your GregTech.cfg -


and change to true to allow for multiple dragon eggs. Note that the mod Xeno's Reliquary allows players to craft Dragon Eggs.


If you are using Thaumcraft 3, the siphon will generate a lot of Flux - much more than a single pure node can purge. The flux will rise rapidly and remain at 'Dangerous' levels despite any amount of environmental effects.

It will release the following aspects into the aura, in large amounts:

Alienis Alienis
Animus Animus
Imperito Imperito
Machina Machina
Motus Motus
Mutatio Mutatio
Permutatio Permutatio
Potentia Potentia
Praecantatio Praecantatio
Vacuos Vacuos

The nearby node will cause frequent Flux events associated with these aspects. Events can happen so quickly in succession that you may have multiple potion effects on you at the same time.

Flux events:

  • Spawn Wisps
  • Blindness
  • Speed
  • Lightning Strike on Player
  • Rain
  • Thunderstorm

However, if you are willing to pay the price, the extra flux can also be useful. While the Lightning Strikes cannot be caught by the Lightning Rod, the thunderstorms will create lightning that can be. Since the weather is a global event, you can set up your base far away from the node and avoid most of the negative effects but still get the rain and thunderstorms (the chunk the node is in may still need to be loaded [untested]).

Additionally, large numbers of Wisps will be spawned with the corresponding aspects. This can be prevented by placing a solid block in the same block as the node is in, or you can build a wisp trap around the node to collect Wispy Essences (Quicksand above the node is very good for this).


GUI Crafting Table.png
Energy Flow Circuit
Energy Flow Circuit
Teleporter (IndustrialCraft 2)
Teleporter (IndustrialCraft 2)
Energy Flow Circuit
Energy Flow Circuit
Iridium Plate (IndustrialCraft 2)
Iridium Plate (IndustrialCraft 2)
Iridium Plate (IndustrialCraft 2)
Iridium Plate (IndustrialCraft 2)
Energy Flow Circuit
Energy Flow Circuit
Lapotronic Energy Orb (GregTech 4)
Lapotronic Energy Orb (GregTech 4)
Energy Flow Circuit
Energy Flow Circuit
Dragon Egg Energy Siphon