Mithril (GregTech 5 Material)

Mithril is a material added by GregTech 5 mod. As of v5.09.32pre4 it is unobtainable. It can be processed in LV-tier Centrifuge Centrifuge into Platinum. Can be used to create tools unique for their default enchantment of Fortune III/Looting III. If the Thermal Foundation is installed, Mithril can be obtained from Mana Infused Ore. It is also obtainable if any other mod with Mithril is installed.

Material Forms[edit]

In GregTech 5 Mithril comes in these forms:

GUI Material Tree GT5.png

Mithril Dust
Small Pile of Mithril Dust
Tiny Pile of Mithril Dust
Mithril Ingot
Mithril Nugget
Mithril Bolt
Mithril Screw
Mithril Rod
Long Mithril Rod
Block of Mithril
Mithril Plate
Double Mithril Plate
Molten Mithril
Mithril Frame Box
Mithril Turbine Blade

Material Properties[edit]

  • Material: Mithril
  • Durability: 6,400
  • lvl: 3
  • Attack Damage: 7 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHalf Heart.png)
  • Mining Speed: 14
  • Enchantment: Fortune III/Looting III
  • Turbine Efficiency: 80
  • Optimal Gas flow: 700 EU/t