HSS-G (GregTech 5 Material)

HSS-G is a material added by GregTech 5 mod.

HSS-G is a LuV-tier material, it is required for all of the machines of this tier, also it has some usage in the higher tiers. It is also used to create HSS-G Coil Block HSS-G Coil Block which can be obtained earlier to speed up the Electric Blast Furnace Electric Blast Furnace. This material is used to create 2 stronger alloys: HSS-E and HSS-S.

Material Forms[edit]

In GregTech 5 HSS-G comes in these forms:

GUI Material Tree GT5.png

HSS-G Dust
Small Pile of HSS-G Dust
Tiny Pile of HSS-G Dust
Hot HSS-G Ingot
HSS-G Ingot
HSS-G Nugget
HSS-G Bolt
HSS-G Screw
Long HSS-G Rod
HSS-G Gear
Block of HSS-G
HSS-G Plate
Double HSS-G Plate
HSS-G Ring
Molten HSS-G
HSS-G Frame Box
Small HSS-G Gear
HSS-G Foil
HSS-G Turbine Blade
HSS-G Rotor

Obtaining Material[edit]

This material is only obtained by crafting together Tungstensteel Dust Tungstensteel Dust, Molybdenum Dust Molybdenum Dust, Chrome Dust Chrome Dust and Vanadium Dust Vanadium Dust in 5:2:1:1 proportion.

Material Properties[edit]

  • Material: HSS-G
  • Durability: 400,000
  • lvl: 3
  • Attack Damage: 7 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHalf Heart.png)
  • Mining Speed: 10
  • Enchantment: Sharpness IV
  • Turbine Efficiency: 80
  • Optimal Gas flow: 500 EU/t