Osmium (GregTech 5 Material)

Osmium is a material added by GregTech 5 mod.

Osmium is a IV-tier material, it is required for many machines on this tier and higher. UV-tier machine hulls are entirely made from Osmium. This material is used to craft field generators of all tiers, however, before IV it is hardly obtainable. Osmium is one of the hi-tech metals in GregTech 5. It is "responsible" for wireless energy, field generators, matter fabrication and fusion reactions.

Material Forms[edit]

In GregTech 5 Osmium comes in these forms:

GUI Material Tree GT5.png

Purified Osmium Ore
Centrifuged Osmium Ore
Purified Pile of Osmium Dust
Osmium Dust
Small Pile of Osmium Dust
Tiny Pile of Osmium Dust
Hot Osmium Ingot
Osmium Ingot
Osmium Nugget
Osmium Bolt
Osmium Screw
Osmium Rod
Long Osmium Rod
Block of Osmium
Osmium Plate
Double Osmium Plate
Osmium Ring
Molten Osmium
Osmium Frame Box
Osmium Foil
Fine Osmium Wire
Osmium Turbine Blade
Osmium Rotor

Obtaining Material[edit]

There are several ways of obtaining this material.

Material Properties[edit]

  • Material: Osmium
  • Durability: 128,000
  • lvl: 4
  • Attack Damage: 8 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png)
  • Mining Speed: 16
  • Enchantment: None
  • Turbine Efficiency: 90
  • Optimal Gas flow: 800 EU/t