Applied Energistics 2

This article is about Applied Energistics 2, the Minecraft 1.7.10 version . You may be looking for Applied Energistics, the Minecraft 1.6.4 version.
Applied Energistics 2
Applied Energistics 2
Name Applied Energistics 2
Creator AlgorithmX2
Type Storage and Automation
Latest Version rv3.beta build 6
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Mod Homepage
Add-on Mods AE2 Stuff
Extra Cells 2
Thaumic Energistics
Thaumic Energistics 2
Wireless Crafting Terminal
Root Mod Minecraft Forge
Modpacks Age of Engineering
Bevo's Tech Pack
Blast Off!
Crash Landing
Crundee Craft
DNS Techpack
Direwolf20 1.10
Direwolf20 1.12 Pack
Direwolf20 1.16 Pack
Direwolf20 1.7 Pack
Feed The Beast Beyond
Feed The Beast Builders Paradise
Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved
Feed The Beast Infinity Evolved Skyblock
Feed The Beast Interactions

Applied Energistics 2 is a mod that focuses on creating a compact, easily accessible, considerably extendible storage system called an ME Network. The "ME" in the title stands for "Matter <-> Energy" -- the premise being that items added to the system are converted into energy and stored in a digital form before needing to be used again, whereupon they are converted back into matter. The first and utmost block to build and power a Network from is the Energy Acceptor, since the mod doesn't generate it's own energy, the Acceptor will convert energy from most mod's generators to AE units needed to power the Network devices.


Channels are a major mechanic added by the mod. Most, but not all devices in the network will use a channel to function. Devices without access to a channel will not function as if not connected and some will show a light purple status instead of blue. An ME Controller connected with ME Dense Cable is required to expand the Network beyond 8 channels, the transmission capacity of any other network cable.

Using Dense Cable, each side of an ME Controller can transmit up to 32 channels distributed via a main line and branching off with other types of cable to the Player's preference for a total of 160 channels per Controller. Furthermore, since the ME Controller can be a multiblock structure, it is possible to expand this capacity greatly by connecting cable to each controller block. And when using directly-connected P2P Tunnel - ME, more compact designs become available, running up to 128 channels off of one smart cable!

ME Auto Crafting[edit]

The Auto Crafting system is a major feature of the mod and has been completely overhauled. It's a very convenient way of crafting items on demand as they are needed, the system automatically crafts all the necessary parts for the job placed, as long as the resources are available. The Player only needs to assemble the recipe once and save it to the system. These ready to craft items do not use any storage space.

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