Fluid Regulator (LV)

Fluid Regulator (LV)
Fluid Regulator (LV)

Name Fluid Regulator (LV)
Source Mod GregTech 5
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

Fluid Regulator (LV) is an item added by the GregTech 5 mod. It can be right-clicked with on any side of the machine except the front side. This side will then import or export fluid based on the current mode. The cover can be removed with a Crowbar. It's maximal value is 640 mb/sec or 32 mb/t.

Cover Modes[edit]

When this item is used as cover, it will change the texture of the machine it is attached to. The central part will be a square hole with a rotor, and all other part will have the texture of the machine casing of the same tier as the tier of the Fluid Regulator. Below these parts are called "Inner Part" and "Outer Part".

The player can right-click the inner part to increase the maximal amount of fluid accepted from this side by 1 mb/t. Clicking the outer part will decrease this amount by 1 mb/t. When the amount is decreased and it was already 0, the machine will try to output the fluid from this side instead of inputting. The value can go from the -N to N, where N is the maximal value supported by the Fluid Regulator.

Right-clicking the machine with Screwdriver or Electric Screwdriver will increase or decrease the number by 16 mb/t, depending on what part was clicked.


GUI Assembling Machine GT5.png
Electric Pump (LV)
Electronic Circuit

Fluid Regulator (LV)
3200 EU
4 EU/t
4 EU
40 secs


Fluid Regulator (LV) has no known uses in crafting.