Graphite (GregTech 5 Material)

Graphite is a material added by GregTech 5 mod.

Graphite is a MV-tier material, it can to be processed in MV-tier Electrolyzer Electrolyzer to obtain Carbon Dust Carbon Dust. It can also be used to craft Neutron Reflector Neutron Reflector from IndustrialCraft2 mod, Arc Furnaces Arc Furnaces of any tier and Graphene.

Material Forms[edit]

In GregTech 5 Graphite comes in these forms:

GUI Material Tree GT5.png

Graphite Ore
Crushed Graphite Ore
Purified Graphite Ore
Centrifuged Graphite Ore
Impure Pile of Graphite Dust
Purified Pile of Graphite Dust
Graphite Dust
Small Pile of Graphite Dust
Tiny Pile of Graphite Dust

Obtaining Material[edit]

There are several ways of obtaining this material.

  • Graphite Ore Graphite Ore is the easiest source and gives the most dust compared to other methods.
  • Diamond Ore Diamond Ore gives either tiny dust or dust as a byproduct on one or more stages of Ore Processing.