Iron (GregTech 4 Material)

Iron is a material added by GregTech 4 mod. It has a wide usage in many recipes added by the mod.

In GregTech 4 Iron comes in these forms:

GUI GT4 Material Tree.png
Iron - Fe
Iron Ore (Minecraft)
Crushed Iron Ore (IndustrialCraft 2)
Purified Crushed Iron Ore
Centrifuged Iron Ore (GregTech 4)
Dirty Pile of Iron Dust
Purified Pile of Iron Dust (GregTech 4)
Iron Dust (GregTech 4)
Small Pile of Iron Dust (GregTech 4)
Tiny Pile of Iron Dust (GregTech 4)
Iron Plate (GregTech 4)
Iron Gear (GregTech 4)
Block of Iron

Iron Ingot
Iron Rod (GregTech 4)
Iron Round
Iron Bolt (GregTech 4)
Iron Ring (GregTech 4)
Iron Screw (GregTech 4)
Iron Nugget (GregTech 4)