Darkwood Tree

This article is about Darkwood Tree from Twilight Forest. You may be looking for Darkwood from Natura.

Darkwood Tree
Name Darkwood Tree
Name Darkwood Tree
Height 8-10 blocks
Naturally Spawns In Only in Dark Forest biomes
Grown From Darkwood Sapling
Log Type Darkwood
Leaf Type Darkwood Leaves
Log Quantity (avg.) 10-20
Roots Yes (small to medium structure)
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Darkwood Tree is a type of tree added by the Twilight Forest mod. It is found naturally only within the Dark Forest biome in the Twilight Forest. The Canopy Tree and its leaves make up, respectively, the structures of logs that can impede navigation of the under-canopy of a Dark Forest and the thick and nearly impenetrable canopy itself. This is due to the naturally difficult-to-break nature of Darkwood Leaves, which take a very long time to break by hand or with any other tool, taking exactly as long with Shears or an advanced mining tool such as a Mining Drill or Chainsaw as they would by hand. It is made up of Darkwood and Darkwood Leaves, as well as generating a small to medium size structure of Root blocks beneath it.

The Darkwood Tree has a fairly consistent height range in which it grows of 8-10 blocks, being about as tall as a normal Oak tree in vanilla Minecraft. Its structure is radically different, as above the structure of Root blocks that it generates, it generates a trunk 7-8 blocks in height. This trunk has many plateaus of leaves sprouting off of it, which form a thick and dense canopy of leaves approximately 4 to 5 blocks thick. This makes up the majority of the tree and causes naturally generated Darkwood Trees to make the under-canopy of Dark Forests to feel claustrophobic due to there only being about 4 to 5 blocks of empty vertical space in which to move. Darkwood Trees have a trunk 1x1 in size, but this trunk does not always reach exactly vertical.

Darkwood Trees are a very inefficient method of generating logs, as each Darkwood Tree that is grown either with a Darkwood Sapling or found naturally will generate a plethora of leaves. This will make the tree very difficult to fully remove without the help of end-game instant mining tools such as the Vajra or the Mining Laser. The Root blocks that the tree generates will also make it difficult to remove. Each Darkwood Tree generated will also only yield a few dozen logs, compared to Canopy Trees and Robust Twilight Oaks, which generate dozens or even hundreds of logs. A Darkwood Tree Sapling is also difficult to collect, as one must break several dozen Darkwood Leaves before receiving a sapling.