Hedge Maze

A Hedge Maze, as seen from the top.

Hedge Mazes grow from the grounds of Misty Forests. They are mazes of approximately four dozen blocks in width and length that are filled with spawners. The hedges are made of leaves that damage the player on contact or on attempting to mine them and take quite a while to mine through. These leaves are designed to prevent the player from bridging over the walls, mining through them or going under them, thus funneling the player through the spawners and other dangerous areas. Spawners in these mazes spawn Skeletons as well as Swarm Spiders and Hedge Spiders (which are unique to the Hedge Maze) as well as Hostile Wolves that will attack without provocation. Swarm Spiders can also spawn as Spider Jockeys, suggesting that Hedge Spiders can as well.

A Skeleton riding a Swarm Spider.

In the mazes, clearings can spawn, which contain 1-2 Spawners of the aforementioned varieties and 1-3 Chests with items inside. Chests can contain vanilla dungeon loot, mod dungeon loot or Twilight Forest dungeon loot such as Conversion Powder and mundane items such as Torches and Melons. The latter is far more common than the two former, but the two former can still rarely be found.

Hedge Mazes appear on a Magic Map as a green and black square similar to the texture of the Hedge Maze hedges. This icon can easily be confused with that of the Labyrinth, which is merely a palette swap of the same icon that has been changed from green to grey.