Carminite Ghastling

Carminite Ghastling
Carminite Ghastling.png
Name Carminite Ghastling
Health 30 (Heart.png x 15)
Damage Variable damage from explosion; a direct hit will deal 6 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png) and spawn fire blocks, which can also damage the player
Spawn In higher levels of Dark Towers in the Twilight Forest
Drops 0-3 Gunpowder and 0-2 Ghast Tear
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Carminite Ghastling is a scaled-down version of the Carminite Ghastguard. Its scale and the location it spawns in are the only differences between the two, as it shares the same textures as the Ghastguard does, has the same amount of health, can do the same amount of damage to the player and creates explosions of the same force. Whereas the Ghastguard spawns outside of a Dark Tower, the Ghastling spawns in the Dark Tower. The Ghastling has a tendency to spawn more in higher floors of the Dark Tower as well as nearby the parkour mazes that utilize Tower Builders.

The Ghastling shares most of its sprites with the vanilla Ghast, but like the Ghastguard, it has three sprites instead of two as the vanilla Ghast does. The Ghastling has one sprite for "idle" (not seeing or attacking a player), "eyes-open" (seeing a player, but not attacking), and "attacking" (eyes and mouth open and turned red, shooting a fireball.) When the Ghastling has its eyes open, the eyes will be green when it sees but is not attacking a player and then will turn red when attacking. The grey highlights on the Ghast's coat have also been turned to a pink/red color on the Ghastling's sprite.

The Ghastling will only "see" a player if the player is very close to the Ghastling (within a radius of 1–2 meters) and will only begin attacking if it can "see" the player. It behaves in a manner similar to the Ghastguard when attacking, as it will swivel around to target the player more accurately and more efficiently. Once it has "seen" the player and switches to its attacking sprite, it will fire a fireball at the player that is the same size as that of a normal Ghast and will do the same amount of damage as that of a Carminite Ghastguard's to the player and the terrain, dealing a maximum of 3 hearts of damage from a direct hit. Thus, Ghastlings are not too much of a threat, as they stay close to the ground, are small and easy to hit and do not deal that much damage unless the player is hit directly with their fireballs.


  • In previous versions of the mod (1.15.2 to 1.15.3) the Carminite Ghastling was known as the Mini Ghast, and is still referenced as such in the mod's code. It is important to note that the Carminite Ghastling is still known as the Mini Ghast in all known FTB packs, as 1.15.4 (the most current version of the mod where the Mini Ghast was renamed the Carminite Ghastling) is not included in any FTB packs.
  • Although the Ghastling is smaller, its behavior in health, attack power, AI and so forth are all identical to that of a Carminite Ghastguard. However, in 1.17.1, the Carminite Ghastling now has 15 health (7.5 hearts).
  • Since the Ghastling is smaller than both a vanilla Ghast and a Carminite Ghastguard, it would be reasonable to assume that its attack power has been similarly lessened, but this is not the case. It has identical attack power to that of a Carminite Ghastguard and identical explosion power to both.