Crumble Horn

Crumble Horn
Crumble Horn

Name Crumble Horn
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable No
Durability 1,024

The Crumble Horn is one of the rewards for completing the Questing Ram's quest. If the quest is completed, this (along with one of each of the vanilla resource blocks) will be given to the player by the Ram. When the Crumble Horn is used, blocks in the direction of the player will begin to crumble into other blocks. Stone crumbles into Cobblestone, which crumbles into Gravel, which will disappear from the world and will occasionally turn into a resource block of either Dirt or Gravel that the player can pick up. Also, Stone Bricks will crumble into Cracked Stone Bricks.The sound of a baaing sheep can also be heard emanating from the Horn when it is used.

The Crumble Horn has a total durability of 1,024 uses, each one of those uses affecting an area of approximately 5 blocks wide and 5 blocks long in the direction that the player is facing. This area can be either vertical (as in a wall) or horizontal (as in the ground beneath the player's feet) and changes dynamically based on the direction that the player is facing. The Crumble Horn loses one unit of durability for each block that it changes (in the case of Stone and Cobblestone) or that it breaks (in the case of Gravel) and will only lose durability if it changes blocks. Thus, right-click can be held down without fear of the Crumble Horn taking any damage so long as there is no Stone, Cobblestone or Gravel nearby.

Like some other Twilight Forest items such as the Scepter, the Crumble Horn slows the player's walk speed when the right mouse button is held down to use it. However, unlike the Scepter, the Horn cannot be recharged and disappears from the player's inventory upon running out of durability.