Fiery Ingot

Fiery Ingot
Fiery Ingot

Name Fiery Ingot
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

The Fiery Ingot is one of two types of improved Iron Ingots that are added by the Twilight Forest mod, the other being the Ironwood Ingot. Like the Ironwood Ingot, the Fiery Ingot is used in many crafting recipes that involve tools and armor. There are six items that the Fiery Ingot is used in crafting, as opposed to the Ironwood Ingot's nine, as no Fiery Axe, Fiery Shovel or Fiery Hoe exist.

The Fiery Pickaxe is a pickaxe which is created the same way that one would create a normal pickaxe, but with Blaze Rods instead of Sticks; due to the fiery nature of the ingots, a higher tier of stick is necessary. The Fiery Pickaxe has the Auto-Smelting "enchantment" applied to it whether it is spawned in or manually crafted. This is not a formal "enchantment" as the pick does not have the enchantment "glow" on it and the enchantment cannot be applied to either a Book or another tool using an Enchanting Table. The Fiery Pickaxe has 1,024 durability.

The Fiery Sword is a sword which is created in the same way that one would create a normal sword, but with a Blaze Rod instead of a Stick. The Fiery Sword automatically has the Fire Aspect enchantment applied to it, which functions exactly the same as it does in vanilla Minecraft. The Fiery Sword also has 1,024 durability.

The Fiery Armor is a set of armor that is crafted in the same way that one would create a normal set of armor. Each piece of Fiery Armor has an enchantment known as "Fiery Aura" (a real enchantment, as although only Fiery Aura II is possible legitimately, an unlocked enchanting table allows for other types of armor to receive Fiery Aura as well as different tiers of Fiery Aura) that sets mobs on fire. This enchantment only functions properly if the entire set of armor has Fiery Aura applied to it; thus, an entire Fiery Armor set is necessary to utilize this unique ability. The Fiery Armor set is 2/3 more durable than Iron Armor, 1/4 more durable than Ironwood Armor and provides the same amount of protection as Diamond Armor.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Fiery Blood (Twilight Forest)
Iron Ingot

Fiery Ingot


Fiery Ingot can be used to create the following items:


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