Firefly (Mob)

This article is about the firefly mob that appears as a floating green orb. You may be looking for the Firefly that spawns on trees as a block and acts as a lighting source.

Name Firefly
Health 6 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png)
Spawn The Twilight Forest biome in the Twilight Forest
Drops Nothing
Source Mod Twilight Forest
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The Firefly is a mob that inhabits the Twilight Forest. The Firefly acts strangely, flying around randomly without any real pattern. They tend to fly 8-16 blocks above the ground and rarely ever float down to the ground. The Firefly does not drop any items when killed and can be difficult to kill due to its elusive nature to the player, as the Firefly tends to float away from the player. They have no overworld equivalent via Transformation Powder and have no use.


Despite being Fireflies, they make the same noises as Bats when injured. Otherwise, they are silent.