Hollow Hill (Twilight Forest)

A Large Hollow Hill as shown from the exterior.

Hollow Hills are hills in the Twilight Forest that are hollow and contain treasure. These hills are a near-perfect hemisphere in shape when looking from both the inside and outside, a helpful mechanic for locating them. These hills also appear as white mounds on a Magic Map; the size of the mound on the Magic Map corresponds to the Hill's size. Likewise, the size of the Hill corresponds to the variety, quantity and rarity of the treasure within, as Large Hollow Hills will contain very valuable items such as Diamond Ore and Ore Magnets found in chests.

Regardless of size, the Hollow Hills will contain spawners that spawn Skeletons, Creepers, Zombies, and Swarm Spiders. Hollow Hills also spawn Kobolds naturally as well as Redcap Goblins. If the Hollow Hill is of large size, then it will contain Diamond Ore and will spawn Wraiths naturally. Large Hollow Hills are the only place to locate Wraiths.

Sometimes, Hollow Hills have caves running through them, allowing for them to be noticed from the surface or discovered while caving.

In newer versions of the Twilight Forest mod (past Beta Pack A) the new Beetles spawn. Three types of beetles are known: Pinch Beetles that lift, carry and damage the player; Fire Beetles that ignite the player; and Slime Beetles that shoot slime balls at the player to deal damage.

Same hollow hill as above photo, from the interior.

Ore in Hollow Hills is found in stalactites hanging from the ceiling. Navigation is made difficult by the quantity of mobs inside the Hills as well as the stalagmites that litter the floor. The combination of stalactites and stalagmites makes it very difficult to navigate a Hill and can sometimes make a Hollow Hill only barely hollow, as rock can fill almost all of the space. Chests are also found on the ground inside Hollow Hills and on top of stalagmites. Stalactites of Glowstone are also found hanging from the ceiling to light the ores and make mining easier.


Small Hollow Hills contain semivaluable ores (Iron, Gold and the occasional Redstone Ore) hanging in stalactites from the ceiling. Each stalactite is not very large, perhaps 3-6 blocks in size. Only one or two spawners are found, some small hills will have no spawners. Small Hollow Hills contain between zero to four loot chests. They appear on the Magic Map as a white mound with a width of 4 pixels at its base.

Medium Hollow Hills contain valuable ores (Iron, Gold, Redstone and Lapis) hanging in stalactites from the ceiling and found occasionally on the floor. Due to the size of the hill, Coal may also be found in veins on the floor, but no stalactites containing Coal are generated. Several Chests are usually found within these hills, as well as 2-4 spawners of assorted types. Medium Hollow Hills appear on the Magic Map as a white mound with a width of 6 pixels at its base.

A snapshot of the ores that can occur in a small area of a Large Hollow Hill. Diamond, Redstone and Lapis Lazuli are all concentrated together.

Large Hollow Hills contain very valuable ores of all types, even including Diamond Ore. Half a stack to a stack of Diamond Ore can be found here, as well 1-2 stacks each of Iron and Gold ore and several stacks of Lapis Lazuli Ore and Redstone Ore, such that Lapis and Redstone are more common than Iron or Gold. Large Hollow Hills are the only places where Wraiths can be encountered.

Wraiths are mobs that float around seemingly at random and will occasionally deal minor amounts of damage to the player, especially when the player is mining ore. Wraiths tend to push the player off the ceiling while mining ore to take attack and fall damage. They will not actively charge the player and will distance themselves after each melee or ranged attack without attempting to immediately counter. As with other mobs, they can be killed in one hit with a Nano Saber, signifying that they only have 10 hearts of health. Wraiths drop Glowstone Dust when killed.

A Large Hollow Hill; note the Wraith at center.

Chest Loot[edit]

HH loot chest.png
All three varieties of Hollow Hill can contain chests, with seven items chosen at random from the possibilities below. Chests may be at ground level or on top of short cobblestone pillars, depending on the floor layout. Not all chests are out in the open; they can sometimes spawn in the side of stalagmites and along the bottom edges of the hill, requiring the obstructing blocks above to be removed or the chest broken before its contents can be collected. Each size of Hollow Hill has some exclusive loot possibilities.
Item Frequency Small Medium Large
2-12 Arrow Common Yes Yes Yes
1-4 Baked Potato Common --- Yes ---
1 Bread Common Yes --- ---
1-2 Cactus Rare Yes Yes Yes
1-4 Carrot Common --- Yes ---
1 Charm of Keeping Rare --- --- Yes
1 Charm of Life Rare --- Yes Yes
1-2 Diamond Rare Yes Yes Yes
1-6 Emerald Rare --- Yes ---
1 Empty Bucket Common Yes Yes ---
1-3 Feather Rare Yes Yes Yes
1-2 Flint Rare Yes Yes Yes
1-4 Flower or Rose Rare Yes Yes Yes
1 Flower Pot Rare Yes Yes ---
1-2 Gold Ingot Common Yes --- ---
1-9 Gold Nugget Common --- --- Yes
1-4 Gunpowder Uncommon Yes --- Yes
1-4 Ink Sac Rare Yes --- Yes
1-4 Iron Ingot Common Yes Yes ---
1-4 Ironwood Ingot Uncommon --- Yes ---
1 Ironwood Pickaxe (ench.) Common --- --- Yes
1-6 Ladder Common --- Yes ---
1-3 Liveroot Common Yes --- ---
1 Moonworm Queen Rare --- --- Yes
1 Naga Scale Uncommon --- Yes Yes
1 Ore Magnet Uncommon Yes Yes Yes
1 Peacock Feather Fan Rare --- Yes ---
1-4 Potato Common --- --- Yes
1 Pumpkin Pie Uncommon --- --- Yes
1-4 Raw Fish Common --- --- Yes
2-4 Sand Rare Yes Yes Yes
1 Sickly Twilight Oak Sapling Rare --- --- Yes
1-4 Steeleaf Uncommon Yes --- Yes
Steel Pickaxe Uncommon Yes --- ---
1-4 String Common Yes --- ---
3-4 Sugar Cane Rare Yes Yes Yes
3-12 Torch Common Yes Yes Yes
1-5 Torchberries Common --- --- Yes
2-12 Transformation Powder Uncommon Yes Yes Yes
1 Uncrafting Table Rare --- Yes ---
1-4 Wheat Common Yes --- ---
1-2 Wheat Seed Rare Yes Yes Yes