Carminite Ghastguard

Carminite Ghastguard
Carminite Ghastguard.png
Name Carminite Ghastguard
Health 30 (Heart.png x 15)
Damage Variable damage from explosion; a direct hit will deal 6 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png) and spawn fire blocks, which can also damage the player
Spawn Around the exterior of Dark Towers in the Twilight Forest
Drops Ghast Tear Ghast Tear (0-3)
Gunpowder Gunpowder (0-3)
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Carminite Ghastguard is a variation on the vanilla Ghast that guards the Dark Tower in the Twilight Forest. Several of these spawn when a Dark Tower is generated and more spawn when the player approaches the Tower to defend the Tower against intruders. The Carminite Ghastguard shares a modified skin with the vanilla Ghast. There are several main differences, as the Ghastguard has three sprites instead of two as the vanilla Ghast has (one for idle, one for attacking); while idle, its eyes are closed as the vanilla Ghast's are. While looking at a player, the Ghastguard freezes. Its eyes open and turn green. While attacking, its eyes and mouth open and both turn red.

The Carminite Ghastguard has three times the health of a normal Ghast, but it also has approximately 1/3 of the attack power, averaging out to be just slightly more powerful over a period of time than a normal Ghast. This is also aided by the Ghastguard's improved ability to aim; when a Ghastguard sees a player and is in attacking range of said player, it will freeze, assume the looking-at-player sprite, and swivel around to face the player. The Ghastguard can swivel in any direction about a point at the center of its hitbox and will swivel to face the player that it is attacking. This allows for increased aiming capacity, as the Ghastguard can adjust the origin of its shots based on the direction in which it is facing to allow for a slight advantage over a normal Ghast's firing method. This is made up for by its lowered attack power.

Ghastguards will always attempt to find the nearest Dark Tower in range so that they can stay around it and better guard the tower. Thus, when they are spawned in artificially in the overworld or nowhere near a Dark Tower (i.e. via Spawn Egg) they will move very slowly and randomly, as their AI is constantly checking for a Dark Tower and is unable to find it. Thus, they will simply move randomly.


  • In earlier versions of the mod (1.15.2 to 1.15.3) the Carminite Ghastguard was known as the Tower Ghast, and is still referenced in the game's code as such as of 1.15.4 even though its name has been changed. It is important to note that it is still known as the Tower Ghast in all current FTB packs, as TF 1.15.4 is currently not available in any FTB packs.
  • Since the Ghastguard's fireball attack power is less than a normal Ghast's, it would be reasonable to assume that the explosion damage dealt to the terrain by the fireball would also be less. However, this is not true; the amount of terrain damage done appears to be identical to that of a normal Ghast's damage done to the terrain per shot.