Forest Squirrel

Forest Squirrel
Name Forest Squirrel
Health 1 (Hearthalf.png)
Spawn Most biomes in the Twilight Forest
Drops Nothing
Source Mod Twilight Forest
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The Squirrel is a purely aesthetic mob that spawns fairly frequently within most Twilight Forest Biomes. It has no counterpart via Transformation Powder and dies in one hit from any weapon. It cannot be bred and it does not drop any items. Currently, they are only aesthetic mobs and have no use other than adding a sort of vibrance and life to the Forest.Squirrels occasionally spawn spontaneously in most Twilight Forest biomes. Squirrels will not attempt to escape from confined spaces as Dwarf Rabbits will, but they will attempt to run away from the player if there is an escape route available. Squirrels will occasionally look at the player if the player is far away enough. Right clicking a squirrel with a modified Name Tag will increase its life from 1 hp to 11hp, and heart particles will appear.