Diamond Minotaur Axe

Diamond Minotaur Axe
Name Diamond Minotaur Axe
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name Unknown
Type Item, Weapon/Tool
Stackable No

The Minotaur Axe is a type of axe that is dropped when the Minoshroom is killed. Due to its nature as an axe, using it as a weapon as it is inteded will use two durability points per use. This is true whenever an axe or other tool is used as a weapon. The Minotaur Axe has a durability rating of 1561, equivalent to other Diamond tools. The Minotaur Axe is unique in that it has "extra charge damage," meaning that when it is used while the player is sprinting, extra damage will be dealt to whatever mob is attacked.

When using the Minotaur Axe normally, it deals 7 units (3.5 hearts) of damage, effectively equivalent to a Diamond Sword's attack power. When the Minotaur Axe is used while sprinting, a full 14 units (7 hearts) of damage is dealt. This means that when extra damage is dealt with sprinting and with a critical hit in conjunction (the effects of the two stack), the Minotaur Axe can be used to kill Skeletons, Creepers, Spiders and all lesser mobs in one hit and bring a Zombie down to a single heart of health. This makes the Minotaur Axe a very valuable weapon, although it will deal less lifetime damage than a Diamond Sword due to its nature as an axe that makes it break quicker when used to attack mobs, and the likeliness that it will drop damaged from the Minoshroom. It can be repaired in an anvil with a diamond or another Minotaur Axe.