Death Tome

Death Tome
Death Tome.png
A Death Tome.
Name Death Tome
Health 30 units of health (Heart.png x 15)
Damage 6 units of health (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png) plus Slowness II for a period of 6 seconds
Spawn inside a Lich Tower
Drops one Paper upon each time it takes damage, and either a Book or a Book and Quill on death.
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Death Tome is a mob found within the Twilight Forest that spawns exclusively within the main shaft (contains two spiral staircases in a double helix formation and various offshoots) of a Lich Tower. The Death Tome appears as an open floating book from an Enchanting Table in vanilla Minecraft. This book bobs up and down and has pages of paper floating around it. Particle effects resembling those created when an Enchanting Table is placed near Bookshelves also surround it. When hit with any type of weapon, Death Tomes will drop a single unit of Paper. This also applies when taking fire damage. Death Tomes will either drop a Book and Quill or a regular Book upon death, with Book and Quill drops occurring about 1/5 of the time.

Death Tomes have 15 hearts of health, meaning that they cannot be taken out in one hit by a Nano Saber and only sometimes by a Vajra. This in addition to the fact that each of their ranged attacks deals both 3 hearts of damage and gives the player a six-second Slowness II debuff makes the Death Tome quite a formidable foe and the Lich Tower quite a formidable place for any player who ventures in with a lack of mid- to high-tier armor and weapons. Death Tomes and Lich Towers also make for a potential method of farming both Paper and Books, especially Paper as the Death Tome drops Paper quite frequently.


When standing in the same block as a Death Tome (i.e. when a Death Tome is pinned against blocks on all four sides and the player is in the same position) the Death Tome's bolts appear to not be able to hit the player.

Contrary to its appearance, the Death Tome is affected by gravity, and is also a mob which has a height of two blocks. However, the bottom half of the Death Tome goes unused.

When attempting to spawn the Death Tome with a spawn egg, the player`s game will crash with the "Exception in world tick" error.