Fire Beetle

Fire Beetle
Fire Beetle.png
Name Fire Beetle
Health 25 units (Heart.png x 12.5)
Damage 4 units (Heart.pngHeart.png) from melee damage, 2 units (Heart.png) plus fire damage from fire breath
Spawn inside some Hollow Hills and deep within the Labyrinth
Drops 0-2 Gunpowder
Source Mod Twilight Forest

Fire Beetle is one of the three types of Beetles present in the Twilight Forest mod. The Fire Beetle shares a mesh with the vanilla Spider and is the exact same size as one, the only exception being the fact that the Fire Beetle has two antennae on its forehead. The Fire Beetle's sound effects are also exactly identical to a regular Spider, making it difficult to tell in darkness whether there are spiders or Beetles. This is an attribute shared by the two other types of Beetle.

The Fire Beetle has two types of attack: melee attack and fire breath. The melee attack deals 2 hearts of damage and acts exactly as a normal spider would when attacking. The fire breath attack deals an initial 1 heart of damage and sets the player on fire. In addition, the Fire Beetle has 12.5 hearts of health, making it over 50% more durable than the regular Spider's 8 hearts of health.

The Fire Beetle spawns in two places: Hollow Hills (mostly Medium and Large-sized) and the second floor of the Labyrinth. This is also true of the two other types of beetle, the Slime Beetle and the Pinch Beetle.


Despite the name of "Fire Beetle", Fire Beetles are not impervious to fire damage.