Arctic Hood

Arctic Hood
Arctic Hood

Name Arctic Hood
Source Mod Twilight Forest
ID Name
Type Armor
Stackable No
Durability 110
Armor 2 (Armor.png)
Armor Toughness 2 (Toughness.png)

The Arctic Hood is one of four pieces of the arctic armor set. It is made from Artic Fur which is dropped from Yetis and Winter Wolves. It has as many armor points as the Ironwood Armor, but has additional armor toughness points, making it slightly better, but with only half of the durability. Except for its durability, it is therefore nearly as good as Diamond Armor.

Once the Alpha Yeti has been defeated, it can be farmed fairly easily, since a lot of Yetis spawn in the Snowy Forest each being able to drop 0-2 Arctic Fur with an average of around 1.2 fur per Yeti. Yetis will also only attack back if they get attack or when the player walks straight into them.

The Arctic Armor can be dyed with multiple dyes in a Crafting Table and can be cleaned again in a Cauldron when it is filled with water.

Wearing the full set grants no set bonus.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Arctic Fur
Arctic Fur
Arctic Fur
Arctic Fur
Arctic Fur
Arctic Hood


Arctic Hood has no known uses in crafting.

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