Dwarf Rabbit

Dwarf Rabbit
Forest Bunny.gif
All three types of Bunnies.
Name Dwarf Rabbit
Health 1 (Hearthalf.png)
Spawn Most biomes in the Twilight Forest
Drops Nothing
Source Mod Twilight Forest

Bunnies are small woodland creatures that can be found commonly in the Twilight Forest. They do not have any overworld counterpart when using Transformation Powder, they cannot be bred or led with Seeds or other items as Tiny Birds can, and they do not drop any items. This makes Bunnies a purely aesthetic mob in the Twilight Forest. They spawn occasionally in a spontaneous manner in the Twilight Forest in most of the biomes there. Bunnies will occasionally look at the player. Bunnies attempt to escape from confined spaces and run away from the player at any and all times, and when enclosed within walls with a possible escape route, the Bunny AI will attempt to escape in any manner possible, even if it involves taking fall damage or otherwise dying. This also applies to their tendency to run away from the player.

Bunnies spawn with three different sprites, which all appear to be equal: white with reddish-purple eyes, speckled black and white with black eyes and brown with black eyes.