Canopy Tree

Canopy Tree
Name Canopy Tree
Name Canopy Tree
Height 24-40 blocks, mean height of 32
Naturally Spawns In Most biomes, mostly the Twilight Forest biome
Grown From Canopy Tree Sapling
Log Type Canopy Tree Wood
Leaf Type Canopy Tree Leaves
Log Quantity (avg.) Anywhere from about 24 to about 96
Roots Yes (medium size root structure)
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Canopy Tree is a type of tree added by the Twilight Forest mod. It is found in profuse quantities throughout the Twilight Forest, mostly in the Twilight Forest biome. It makes up the dense and tall canopy of most of the Forest. Canopy Trees spawn naturally when the Forest is generating and in profuse quantities. When naturally generated or grown manually, they generate a structure of Root blocks beneath them of small to medium size. It is made up of Canopy Tree Wood (which converts to Spruce planks) as well as Canopy Tree Leaves, which can drop Canopy Tree Saplings when broken to grow more Canopy Trees.

The Canopy Tree can have a wide variety of heights, as can several other trees in this mod. It has a fairly small range, with most trees gravitating around a height of about 32 blocks. Exceptional trees can reach to about 40 blocks and stunted trees only reach about 24 blocks in height. The Canopy Tree can have a trunk of either 1x1 in thickness or 2x2 in thickness when generated naturally. Canopy Trees may not be able to be grown and have trunks of 2x2 in thickness, even when a square of saplings with a width of 2 is grown with Bone Meal, a mechanism that makes Jungle Trees taller than average. Canopy Trees, in addition to a central trunk, also generate branches with plateaus of leaves branching off them that have Canopy Tree Wood encased inside of them.

Canopy Trees can be a very efficient method of generating logs (one sapling for several dozen logs) provided that the player is willing to clean up both the large tree formation which stretches several dozen blocks in height and the structure of Root blocks beneath it, which can also stretch for several dozen blocks below the tree. This can net the player a large quantity of Sticks from the Root blocks as well as a large amount of Logs from the tree itself that can be used in a Sawmill, Industrial Sawmill or the player's crafting grid to net an even larger amount of Wooden Planks and potentially some Wood Pulp. However, this will take the player quite a long time to clean up and reduce tool durability if they have not upgraded to tools powered by EU.