Giant Log

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Four Giant Logs can found as a tree on every Cloud Cottage in the Twilight Forest. They have a size of 4*4*4 blocks and take a very long time to mine. The player should take care that all Armored Giants and Giant Miners around the tree have been defeated or they cannot attack the player. When the player switches over to a different block that is inside the same Giant Log block, the mining progress will reset.

Giant Logs can only be obtained by searching for Cloud Cottages, as there is no Giant Sapling to replant a Giant Tree.

It can be difficult to place the Giant Log again, because the x-, y- and z-coordinate have to be divisible by 4 and the area has to be free of blocks. Unlike other logs, the Giant Log cannot be rotated to face one of the sides and will always point upwards.

A block of Giant Log can also be used in a furnace and will smelt 96 items, smelting as much as 64 normal logs and nearly as much as a Lava Bucket, which smelts 100 items.

The Giant Log will return 256 (4 stacks of) Oak Planks when placed in a crafting grid, but only 64 planks will be displayed at first in the recipe. This might be a bug and the Giant Log will grant only 64 Oak Planks in the future, as Giant Leaves and Giant Cobblestone will only grant 64 Leaves or Cobblestone respectively. Also, the Giant Log takes up a space of 4*4*4=64 blocks and not 256 blocks.


Giant Log can be used to create the following items: