Goblin Knight

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Goblin Knight
Goblin Knight.png
Name Goblin Knight
Spawn Twilight Forest
Drops Armor Shard Armor Shard
Source Mod Twilight Forest

The Goblin Knight is a boss in the Goblin Knight Stronghold. It consists of multiple entities each possessing different abilities and weapons. All of the Knights must be killed to defeat it, and once this is done, a chest will appear in the center of the Goblin Knight Room containing the weapons used by the many Goblin Knights, as well as some of their armor.

Another type of Goblin Knight is actually two mobs: the Lower and Upper Goblin Knights. The Upper Goblin Knight Holds a spear and shield, as well as wearing a torn shirt and a helmet covering the Goblin Knight's entire head. The Lower Goblin Knight is located underneath the Upper Goblin Knight. It has the Upper Goblin Knight standing on it's shoulders and is about half the Upper Goblin Knight's height. It also wears the pants as a full-body robe just as the Upper Goblin Knight does with the torn shirt it wears.