Crimson Portal

Crimson Portal
Mob Crimson Portal.png
Name Crimson Portal
Health 500 (Heart.png x 250)
Armor 5 (Icon Armor.pngIcon Armor.pngIcon Armor Half.png)
Damage 0
Hostility false
Spawn Boss Room in Eldritch Dimension.
Score 50
Drops Primordial Pearl Primordial Pearl (1)
Source Mod Thaumcraft 4

Crimson Portal is a boss mob added by the Thaumcraft 4 mod. It can only spawn in Boss Room in Eldritch Dimension. It does not move and deals no damage, but is spawns massive amount of cultists around it and slowly regenerates. Its health decreases after each wave of cultists spawned, so it will eventually die after 30 minutes of spawning the cultists.

Fighting the Boss[edit]


When this mob first spawns, it will place 4 Crimson Cult Banners and 6 Abandoned Crates around it, and then start spawning mobs in waves with a small delay between different waves. Types of waves:


Before starting the fight, break all the banners and crates the portal spawns. This will help the player to move during the battle.

The portal will regenerate all of its health when hit before it has spawned a praetor, and will not regenerate health after. It will also loose 8 health for each mob spawned. So, it is recommended to deal with the praetor first and then to kill the portal ignoring the other cultists. AOE attacks are also recommended, as well as attacks which deal the damage based on the total health, f.e. Draconic Sword.

Trivia and Lore[edit]

The portal is the only boss which does not become a champion by default. It also will not become a champion by any means despite being spawned by the console with this parameters forced.

The portal leads from the home dimension of the cultists to the Eldritch Dimension. It is probably opened and maintained by Crimson Clerics. The player cannot travel by using these portal, only cultists can.