Crimson Cleric

Crimson Cleric
Mob Crimson Cleric.png
Name Crimson Cleric
Health 30 (Heart.png x 15)
Armor 13 (Icon Armor.png x 6.5)
Damage 4 + fire damage
Hostility true
Spawn From Crimson Eldritch Portal or from Crimson Portal
Score 10
Drops Void Seed Void Seed (0-1)
Knowledge Fragment Knowledge Fragment (0-1)
Rare Drops Crimson Rites Crimson Rites (0-1)
Crimson Cult Hood Crimson Cult Hood (0-1)
Crimson Cult Robe Crimson Cult Robe (0-1)
Crimson Cult Leggings Crimson Cult Leggings (0-1)
Crimson Cult Boots Crimson Cult Boots (0-1)
Source Mod Thaumcraft 4

Crimson Cleric is a mob added by the Thaumcraft 4 mod. It spawns in group of 4 from a Crimson Eldritch Portal when first encountered and from Crimson Portal in boss room in Eldritch Dimension in the group of 4. This mob is very well armored and deals high ranged damage, also setting the target on fire, which makes it a tough opponent to fight. It is recommended to use ranged weapons on it.

Thaumcraft 4 Research Notes[edit]

The Crimson Cult
A Cautionary Tale

Research aspects in this mob[edit]


Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

"Much of this book is written in a spidery and unintelligible script, but what you do understand offers some strange insights into the goals of the Crimson Cult.

Their origins are shrouded in mystery, but it seems their goal is the perfection of a ritual they refer to as "Apertis Oculis" - Opening the Eye. What it does is unclear, but you doubt it is anything good.

Interestingly enough, you think thaumaturgy might offer the missing pieces they have so long sought. Obviously only a madman would pursue this line of study..."

Trivia and Lore[edit]

Crimson Clerics are honored members of the Crimson Cult. Only the most skillful and loyal Crimson Knights become clerics. Clerics do not use any weapons, they fight with fire magic casting flaming projectiles, like the Blaze does. They also deal significant damage with bare fists in close combat, which shows their incredible strength.

Their robes are surprisingly well armored, and it is possible that the fabric the clothes are made from is magically imbued. As Tainted Magic addon suggests, these properties are given to the fabric from the crystallized blood.

The clerics do not fight silently, like the Crimson Knights do, they say some illegible words, probably a spell or a prayer.

The shape of their robes mimics the shape of the armor of Eldritch Guardians. Probably, the armorers of the Cult were inspired by those armors to create the suitable variant for the members of the Cult.

Clerics have great knowledge of magic and related stuff, they even can stabilize unopened Crimson Eldritch Portals, allowing for safe travel back and forth for the cultists. Probably, the Crimson Portal is opened by one of them from their home dimension.