Crimson Knight

Crimson Knight
Mob Crimson Knight.png
Name Crimson Knight
Health 36 (Heart.png x 18)
Armor 15 (Icon Armor.png x 7.5)
Damage 10 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.pngHeart.png)
Hostility true
Spawn From Crimson Eldritch Portal or from Crimson Portal
Score 10
Drops Void Seed Void Seed (0-1)
Knowledge Fragment Knowledge Fragment (0-1)
Rare Drops Crimson Rites Crimson Rites (0-1)
Crimson Cult Helm Crimson Cult Helm (0-1)
Crimson Cult Chestplate Crimson Cult Chestplate (0-1)
Crimson Cult Greaves Crimson Cult Greaves (0-1)
Crimson Cult Boots Crimson Cult Boots (0-1)
Crimson Cult Hood Crimson Cult Hood (0-1)
Iron Sword Iron Sword (0-1)
Thaumium Sword Thaumium Sword (0-1)
Void Sword Void Sword (0-1)
Source Mod Thaumcraft 4

Crimson Knight is a mob added by the Thaumcraft 4 mod. It spawns from a Crimson Eldritch Portal while it is stabilized by Crimson Clerics and from Crimson Portal in boss room in Eldritch Dimension in the group of 4. This mob is very well armored and deals high damage, which makes it a tough opponent to fight. It is recommended to use ranged weapons on it.

Types of the mob[edit]

This mob comes in different types:


The one shown on the picture in infobox. Most common.


Same as normal, but the sword is 30lv enchanted. Can hold many enchantments and cause lots of trouble depending on the enchantments.


Spawns with a low chance. Does not wear a helmet and has thaumium sword in hand. Its armor points are 12 not 15.


Spawns with an extremely low chance. Wears a hood instead of helmet and has void sword. Deals 11 damage, not 10, also inflicts Weakness for 2 seconds with each hit.

Thaumcraft 4 Research Notes[edit]

The Crimson Cult
A Cautionary Tale

Research aspects in this mob[edit]


Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

"Much of this book is written in a spidery and unintelligible script, but what you do understand offers some strange insights into the goals of the Crimson Cult.

Their origins are shrouded in mystery, but it seems their goal is the perfection of a ritual they refer to as "Apertis Oculis" - Opening the Eye. What it does is unclear, but you doubt it is anything good.

Interestingly enough, you think thaumaturgy might offer the missing pieces they have so long sought. Obviously only a madman would pursue this line of study..."

Trivia and Lore[edit]

Crimson Knights are ordinary members of the Cult. They have once been humans, but some sort of magic has happened to them, due to which their eyes now glow red. When spawned with console command, they will have no armor, so their clothing and appearance can be seen.

In countless battles these knights gain experience of slaying various mobs in the honor of the Cult and protecting the higher ranked members. After some time they are promoted to sergeants and now fight with Thaumium Sword imbued with magic and do not cover their head in battle for clearer vision. A reference to Space Marine sergeants from Warhammer 40k can be made, as they also fight with uncovered head, but this is not confirmed by Azanor.

Commander rank is granted to the most skillful and loyal knights, which comes with a Void Sword to fight with and the permission to cover the head with Crimson Cult Hood, the armor piece the Crimson Clerics wear. As this type of knights is the most dangerous and rare, it is thought that after some time being a commander, these knights are further promoted to Crimson Clerics or become mighty Crimson Praetors.

All of the knights have Crimson Rites, the book that has the same function in Crimson Cult as the Holy Bible has in Christianity. They also have Void Seeds, probably as a sign of their membership to the Cult, because only a few of them uses the weapon made from these. Probably, they are meant to grow the seed and make a Void Sword of it afterwards. They also have Knowledge Fragments, which may have the same function as Void Seeds.

A Shambling Husk is meant to be a knight killed by an Eldritch Crab during the exploration of the Eldritch Dimension. This shows that this dimension is not a home for them, and they live in another dimension and travel to the Eldritch Dimension through the Crimson Portals and then they travel to the Overworld through stabilized Crimson Eldritch Portals. When travelling through the Eldritch Portal which is not stabilized by Crimson Clerics, they are damaged on the way and turn into Furious Zombies. This can be seen if the player kills all 4 of the Crimson Clerics who stabilize the Crimson Eldritch Portal. The members of the Cult could have conquired the Overworld if they knew how to open the Eldritch Portal, as the player can travel back and forth after this is done without any risks.