Crimson Praetor

Crimson Praetor
Mob Crimson Praetor.png
Name Crimson Praetor
Health 125 (Heart.png x 62.5)
Armor 18 (Icon Armor.png x 9)
Damage 24 (Heart.png x 12)
Hostility true
Spawn From Crimson Portal
Score 50
Drops Rare Treasure Rare Treasure (1)
Rare Drops Crimson Blade Crimson Blade (0-1)
Crimson Praetor Helm Crimson Praetor Helm (0-1)
Crimson Praetor Chestplate Crimson Praetor Chestplate (0-1)
Crimson Praetor Greaves Crimson Praetor Greaves (0-1)
Crimson Cult Boots Crimson Cult Boots (0-1)
Source Mod Thaumcraft 4

Crimson Praetor is a boss mob added by the Thaumcraft 4 mod. It can only spawn in Boss Room in Eldritch Dimension. It is very well armored and deals lots of damage, also regenerates its health overtime and applies Regeneration to all Crimson Knights, Crimson Clerics and Crimson Portals in the range of 23 blocks from the mob. It appears at the 5th wave of mobs spawned from Crimson Portal with 100% chance and also with a small chance for every succeeding wave. It wears a unique armor set and weapon which cannot be obtained by ordinary means other than killing this boss.

Fighting the Boss[edit]

Rage Stage[edit]

When hit several times, the boss becomes enraged and deals double of its base damage. The base damage is 12, resulting in 24 damage to be received with each hit during this stage. This will one-hit players without armor. The boss is meant to calm down when not attacked for some time, but this usually never happens during the battle, so the boss is always in this stage and deals great damage.


As this boss deals great amount of damage, it is very useful to throw Splash Potion of Slowness on it and fight it without the risk of being hit by him coming too close. Also a weapon with Knockback is recommended. Note that the boss will be surrounded by other cultists which may kick the player towards the boss, resulting in a massive damage dealt. So, building a pillar of 3 blocks high and standing on it while attacking is also a good choice. However, Crimson Clerics can still hit the player with their projectiles and push the player down from the pillar. To prevent this from happening, the player should wear a Thaumostatic Stabilizer.

As the boss only does melee damage, using Bear Trap will have awesome effect of fully stopping it. Note that the boss will spawn somewhere around the Crimson Portal, so build walls around it and place a trap at the only exit.

For the best ways to obtain the weapon or the armor from this boss, read more detailed information on the page of the equipment piece wanted.

Trivia and Lore[edit]

The Crimson Praetor is named Cultist Leader in code, however the word praetor is not the leader itself. In the Ancient Roman Republic this word referred to the ranks of senators below the Consuls (the leaders of the Senate) and functioned as magistrates and generals. This explains the fact of several praetors to be spawned from one Crimson Portal if it is left active for a long time. The praetors must be some sort of warlords of the Cult, because they travel to the other dimensions with their army.

The blade each Praetor swings is actually a more powerful version of Void Sword, which used to be the Void Sword, but got extra properties when covered in blood of hundreds of slain enemies in countless battles. It inflicts Weakness and Hunger, which makes it really "hungry" for blood. So, the Praetors used to be Crimson Knight Commanders who also fight with void sword and are meant to have great fighting skills.

These mobs are also 50% bigger than ordinary members of the Cult. As the Crimson Knights cannot grow in size, a guess can be made that the praetors have been grown by some sort of magic and/or potions. Also Furious Zombies grow in size, so there may be something common between these two mobs.

When spawned, the boss will be given one of the following names:

  • Alberic
  • Anselm
  • Bastian
  • Beturian
  • Chabier
  • Chorache
  • Chuse
  • Dodorol
  • Ebardo
  • Ferrando
  • Fertus
  • Guillen
  • Larpe
  • Obano
  • Zelipe

Most of these are the names used to be popular in western Europe in Medieval times. This may refer the Cult members to the Templars or Crusaders Orders. Their armor has also some Medieval aspect in it.

There is a spawn egg for this boss, which is called Spawn Praetor %s the %s. First %s will be changed by a random name from the list above and the second %s will be changed by the name of the champion ability randomly chosen from the ability list. So, for example, the final name can be Praetor Bastian the Armored.