Eldritch Construct

Eldritch Construct
Mob Eldritch Construct.png
Name Eldritch Construct
Health 250 (Heart.png x 125)
Armor 6 (Icon Armor.pngIcon Armor.pngIcon Armor.png)
Damage 17 (Heart.png x 8.5)
Hostility true
Spawn Boss Room in Eldritch Dimension.
Score 50
Drops Primordial Pearl Primordial Pearl (1)
Rare Treasure Rare Treasure (1)
Source Mod Thaumcraft 4

Eldritch Construct is a boss mob added by the Thaumcraft 4 mod. It can only spawn in Boss Room in Eldritch Dimension. This mob deals lots of damage and has many health points, so it is a very tough opponent to fight.

Fighting the Boss[edit]

Rage Stage[edit]

When hit several times, the boss becomes enraged and deals +10 damage. The base damage is 7, resulting in 17 damage to be received with each hit during this stage. This will almost one-hit players without armor. The boss is meant to calm down when not attacked for some time, but this usually never happens during the battle, so the boss is always in this stage and deals great damage.

Charged Stage[edit]

When the boss is almost down, the head explodes, showing a strange device that applies great regeneration to the boss, bringing it to full health in several seconds. It also deals electricity damage around the boss, that ignores Runic Shielding of the player and deals the amount of damage the boss deals currently in one hit (7 or 17, can be more if Mighty modifier applies).


As this boss deals great amount of damage, it is very useful to throw Splash Potion of Slowness on it and fight it without the risk of being hit by him coming too close. Also a weapon with Knockback is recommended. Note that the boss is 3 blocks high and 2 blocks wide, so building a box with a small entrance opening right before the boss room in the coridor is recommended. The boss has a large hitbox though, so it can hit through the 1-block-thick walls, if the player is standing right next to it.

As the boss only does melee damage (except one AOE hit), using Bear Trap will have awesome effect of fully stopping it.

This boss is the easiest of all Eldritch Dimension bosses from Thaumcraft 4.

Trivia and Lore[edit]

This boss looks like an Iron Golem, does the same movement and death sound. So this boss should also be a golem, and as suggested by its name, it must have been built by Eldritch Guardians to protect their dimension from invaders.

The boss also wears armor pieces similar to the armor of Crimson Knights and Crimson Praetors, but as the armor of Crimson Cultists is almost surely copied from the one Eldritch Guardians use, the armor on the boss should also be original, and the members of the Cult copied it after fighting this boss.

Despite its look, this boss is 3 times worse armored than Crimson Praetor. Probably, its armor has weared out during the time between its creation and when the player fights it.

There is a spawn egg for this boss, which is called Spawn %s Eldritch Construct. The %s will be changed by the name of the champion ability randomly chosen from the ability list. So, for example, the final name can be Venomous Eldritch Construct.