Forgotten Relics

Forgotten Relics
Forgotten Relics
Name Forgotten Relics
Creator VictorShadow_
Latest Version 1.7.3
Minecraft Version 1.7.10
Website Curseforge page
Root Mod Thaumcraft 4, Botania
Forgotten Relics is a small-sized addon to Thaumcraft 4. It is one of few cross-mod for Botania.

This addon expands the spell part of Thaumcraft and Botania's artefacts. Here you can learn the nature of powerful artifacts, weave their power with the thaumaturgic theories ... and get the power to overthrow Gods.

The mod can be divided into 2 parts.

• First part is Artefacts. Players can use them to become untouchable like Enderman, inspire the horror and insanity to creatures of the night, tear the fabric of space and appear elsewhere or conclude a Pact with Oblivion to protect themselfs from any hazards.

• Second part is Tomes of Magic. By combining Botania's Artifacts and wand focuses with infusion, a thaumaturge can create Spell Books with powers of different spells or items (like Key of the King's Law). By Your corrupted Will, you can banish lesser being in Nether, bring down the fire of stars on their heads, devour their soul or reject death.

Almost all objects (and all artifacts) have a big warping level (often 3 or 4 levels), but the last artifacts have 7-8 level of warping. The mod is stable and does not contain any known bugs, the author continues to improve the mod and fix errors.