Crimson Eldritch Portal

Crimson Eldritch Portal

This page only gives additional information to Eldritch Portal. Please read that page first.

Crimson Eldritch Portal is basically an Eldritch Portal occupied by the members of Crimson Cult. It has extra blocks in the structure:

When found in any difficulty setting other than Peaceful, it will spawn 4 Crimson Clerics standing on the 4 corners of the platform and emitting black particle beams towards the Dark Aura Node in the center which is meant to stabilise the entrance allowing the members if Crimson Cult to travel to the Eldritch Dimension and back without opening the portal. Player cannot use this technique though.

The Dark Aura Node will spawn Crimson Knights instead of Furious Zombies or Eldritch Guardians as long as there is at least one Crimson Cleric emitting particle beam to it. After all the clerics have been killed, the node will start spawning Furious Zombies. This allows to make a guess that Furious Zombies are actually Crimson Knights who have sugnificantly changed during the travel back to the Overworld when the node was not stabilized.

The Crimson Clerics who stabilize the node, will ignore the player, but the Crimson Knights spawned by them will not. Furthermore, after any of the knights is attacked, all the clerics will stop stabilizing the node and attack the player.

Crimson Knight Grinder[edit]

This all allows for a brilliant auto-spawner to be made from this type of Eldritch Portal.

  1. Dig 2-block holes around the portal so the Clerics ignore you and the Knights cannot get you.
  2. Name all the Clerics with Name Tags. They can despawn if you don't do that.
  3. Clear the area around the portal. Build a safe case around of the Obelisk and the Clerics.
    The Spawn Platform
  4. Place anything to attract the Knights to the drop. This could be Conveyor Belt, Corporeal Attractor, Water, Fan, the Siren's Lure or other attractors.
  5. Dig a deep hole so the Knights drop and either fall to death or have decent health left in order to be killed by player. Or build any other killing setup.
    Drop Hole
  6. Setup any loot collection machines, mobs or devices.
    Golems Collect Loot