Flux (Thaumcraft 4)

This article is about the concept from Thaumcraft 4. You may be looking for Flux from Thaumcraft 3.

Flux is a general name for bad outcome of working with Essentia in Thaumcraft 4. It is present in game in a form of liquid and gas. Both aggregate states are registered as liquids and will give the player who touches them negative effects. Liquid will give the player Flux Flu for 30 seconds. Gas will give the player Flux Flu III for 60 seconds and Nausea for 10 seconds.

Liquid is called Flux Goo and has the mechanics slightly different from other liquids. It will only flow 1-2 blocks to the side and will look like the source block is about 6 blocks away, and the stream has almost faded. It has also some advanced liquid mechanics: each block acts like a source block and will move down if it can. So, when the liquid is created on the top of mountain, it will slowly fall to the foot of the mountain and will not cover it in liquid completely. Flux Goo can also spawn Thaumic Slimes.

Flux Gas will do the same but in reverse. As a gas, it will float upwards, until it touches any block. If the block is full, it will spread to nearby blocks same to Flux Goo but on the bottom side of the block. It will break Torches it touches while floating upwards.

Flux Goo will be created by decomposing Crusted Taint block in Tainted Lands biome. Both types of Flux can be created during Infusion during instability events or Alchemy by Crucible. Also Warp can give the player effect during which one block of Flux Goo will continuously spawn at player's feet.

Flux Scrubber will consume nearby blocks of Flux Goo or Flux Gas and will create

If Forbidden Magic addon is installed, the player can use Shovel of the Purifier to get rid of all Flux Goo and Flux Gas nearby instantly.

Thaumcraft 4 Research Notes[edit]

Warp, Flux and all things bad
Everything has a price

Thaumonomicon Entry[edit]

"If Warp is the mental manifestation of magic gone wrong, then Flux is its physical manifestation.

Flux can manifest in three ways: a liquid, a gas and a physical malady. The first two manifestations are considered annoyances by most thaumaturges and is often the result of wasteful use of magic. It is not particularly hard to clean up, but coming into contact with it often causes the third manifestation: Flux Flu

Flux Flu is not particularly dangerous, but while a thaumaturge is suffering from it he finds it difficult to focus vis which often leads to increased vis usage to get something done."