Shambling Husk

Shambling Husk
Mob Shambling Husk.png
Name Shambling Husk
Health 30 (Heart.png x 15)
Armor 15 (Icon Armor.png x 7.5)
Damage 5 (Heart.pngHeart.pngHalf Heart.png)
Hostility true
Spawn In Eldritch Dimension
Score 20
Drops Eldritch Crab
Source Mod Thaumcraft 4

Shambling Husk is a mob added by the Thaumcraft 4 mod. It does not spawn naturally in the Overworld, but it does spawn in Eldritch Dimension. It is a well-armored zombie with increased health. It can spawn either without armor, only wearing helmet, or with helmet and chestplate or with helmet and leggings or with all of those. It wears helmet to hide the disgusting fact: this mob has no head and there is a giant bug where the head should be!

After Shambling Husk dies, a special version of Eldritch Crab spawns, with its body covered by a helmet, which has 10 extra health. This is because the Shambling Husk is a Crimson Knight who fought the Eldritch Crab and failed. The crab has eaten his head out and parasited on its place, ordering the dead body to move like a Zombie. Sad truth of Exploring Eldritch Dimension.

The armor on this mob is actually Crimson Cult Helm, Crimson Cult Chestplate and Crimson Cult Greaves, but they have a special texture called Zombie_Armor.png, and that texture overrides their original texture. None of the armor pieces drop upon death of the mob.

The crab spawned after killing Shambling Husk