Crystallized Essence

Crystallized Essence
Crystallized Essence

Name Crystallized Essence
Source Mod Thaumcraft 4
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

Crystallized Essence is an item added by the Thaumcraft 4 mod. Contains 1 Aspect only, and a variety of Crystallized Essence exists for all Aspects. Created by feeding 1 Essentia into an Essentia Crystallizer or by smelting mobs in Liquid Death. Can be smelted in an Alchemical Furnace back to 1 liquid Essentia.

This item has two main uses: firstly, that Crystallized Essence of the same aspect stacks up to 64 as an ordinary item and is therefore easier to handle in a storage system. Secondly, because each such item produces one and only one of a specified aspect, it makes performing Alchemy in a Crucible much easier; the player can insert only the exact amounts of each aspect they need, with no waste.


Crystallized Essence can be used to create the following items: