Fluid Nuclear Reactor

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The Fluid Reactor (also called 5x5 Reactor) is a new and also the only multiblock in IndustrialCraft2. It can be used to generate more EU/t than standard Reactors. Please note that the 5x5 reactor is ONLY more efficient if at least 2 rods are touching.


Instead of outputting EU, the 5x5 Reactor heats Coolant to Hot Coolant which is then piped into a Liquid Heat Exchanger that outputs normal Coolant and HU. There are different methods of converting HU to EU:


Using a Stirling Generator is the most simple way and converts 2 HU into 1 EU, which is the most inefficient way, though it still better than the normal EU Reactor.

2.Steam and Steam Turbines.

The most effective but difficult method to build.

You need to get Superheated Steam (or regular Steam) in the Steam Generator from Distilled Water and then use it in two (or one if use regular steam) Kinetic Steam Generator with Steam Turbines, which must be connected to the Kinetic Generators for energy generation. The remaining steam must be collected with a Condenser and the resulting distilled water sent back to the Steam Generator.


The HU can also be used to heat a Fermenter. This is more efficient than Stirling, however it's pretty expansive and requires a good infrastructure.