Coffee Beans

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Coffee Beans
Coffee Beans

Name Coffee Beans
Source Mod IndustrialCraft2
ID Name
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)

Coffee Beans (not to be confused with cocoa beans) are a product of IndustrialCraft2s agriculture system. They are the only source of coffee powder, which is necessary to the creation of Coffee. Drinking coffee gives the user speed and haste buffs, which are stackable per coffee.


Coffee beans are dropped by IndustrialCraft2's coffee crop. The coffee crop is only obtainable through "mutation", meaning any 2 crops must be crossbred in hopes of producing a mutated breed against random odds.

Though random, chances are better when crossbreeding certain crops. Your choices are numerous, but the least difficult way to breed coffee is through crossbreeding:

  1. Sugar cane & sugar cane (otherwise known as "reeds" by IndustrialCraft) to produce stickreeds.
  2. Stickreed & stickreed to produce ferru. Ferru requires iron beneath its dirt block to fully mature. Add iron at this point.
  3. Ferru & ferru. Coffee is likely at this point, but you may also produce aurelia (ferru's gold counterpart). Ferru, coffee, and aurelia are all identical until their last growth stage, so you must have 2 layers of ore (1 layer of iron ore and 1 layer of gold ore) beneath your crops to determine your mutant.

Otherwise, aurelia & aurelia may also be crossbred to produce coffee.


Once coffee beans are obtained, you may grow coffee normally. Harvesting the crop at full maturity will drop coffee beans, which are macerated into coffee powder, the main ingredient to Coffee.

Coffee Beans can be used to create the following items:


(will be added to as found)

Bean Effect Item ID Roast
Fourles Fire Aspect II; Sharpness II 351:3 Dark

So far all beans have been found in chests littered within the underground ruins of the The Roguelike Dungeons. The Roguelike Dungeons can be found by finding a lone tower in the overworld.