Tutorial:Creating Diamonds

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This tutorial will teach you how to make a basic machine layout that creates Diamonds for you! It will be using the IndustrialCraft method of making diamonds, not the EE3 way. This will be fully automated; the only thing that will need manual intervention is adding the ingredients. Just follow the images.

Step 1: BatBox[edit]

Just set a small place for you to work with and add a few Solar Panels (or any EU-generating device in its proper conditions) and a BatBox pointing away from it.

Step 2: Macerator[edit]

Add a Macerator and some Cables (Copper Cable works fine, but Glass Fibre Cable works best) connecting the BatBox and the Macerator up. It will also be easier if you add a Hopper to the top of the Macerator. That will be where your coal goes in.

Step 3: Autocrafting Table[edit]

Now add a Wooden Transport Pipe with BuildCraft Power coming to it (a Redstone Engine is great [make sure you give it a direct Redstone signal!]). Then connect a chest to the side of the Pipe and an Auto Workbench behind the Chest. Fill the Table with the resources like in the image so that it shows a Coal Ball in the output slot. The chest also needs a supply of Flint.

Step 4: Compressor[edit]

Add another pipe behind the Autocrafting Table (with another Redstone Engine) leading into the top of a Compressor (make sure you power that with the Cable too!).

Step 5: Second Autocrafting Table[edit]

Just pipe the items coming out from the Compressor into a chest, like you did with the Macerator. Stick an Autocrafting Table next to that. The chest needs a supply of Obsidian or Blocks of Iron or Brick Blocks. Fill the Table with this recipe (swap the Obsidian to Blocks of Iron or Bricks if you are using those):

GUI Crafting Table.png
Compressed Coal Ball
Compressed Coal Ball
Compressed Coal Ball
Compressed Coal Ball
Compressed Coal Ball
Compressed Coal Ball
Compressed Coal Ball
Compressed Coal Ball
Coal Chunk

Step 6: Second Compressor and Finishing Touches[edit]

Pipe the items from the second Autocrafting Table to the top of a second Compressor (again, power that with EU!). Then pump the items out from it into an output chest. Your machine is done! Just add walls and a roof if you want.

And there you have it, an automated Diamond Factory (without expensive Matter Fabricators)!