Tutorial:Phosphor Processor (Forestry)

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Tutorial PP1.png
This tutorial is a step-by-step set of instructions for building an automated Phosphor to canned Lava machine. It uses the products of Simmering Combs, produced by the Infernal and Volcanic Bee branches. The resulting Lava Capsules can be processed in Industrial Centrifuges to yield renewable Copper, Tin, Electrum and Tungsten. A supply of Sand / Cobblestone / Dirt, Phosphor and Refractory Wax must be provided to operate and storage for all three materials is included. This setup can be used as a stand-alone build with manual filling/emptying, or connected to other automated systems for supply and delivery of Lava.

This machine makes use of components from RedPower 2, Factorization, Thermal Expansion and Buildcraft 3.

Grid Electrical Engine.png x1 Grid Wooden Kinesis Pipe.png x1 Grid Golden Conductive Pipe.png x1 Grid Iron OR Gate.png x3 Grid Autarchic Iron OR Gate.png x1 Grid Red Pipe Wire.png x4 Grid Wooden Transport Pipe.png x2 Grid Autarchic Gate.png x2
Grid Squeezer.png x1 Grid Hopper.png x1 Grid Filter (RedPower 2).png x2 Grid Auto Workbench.png x1 Grid Barrel (Factorization).png x3 Grid Pneumatic Tube.png x2 Grid Stone Transport Pipe.png x1 Grid Cobblestone Transport Pipe.png x1
Grid Redstone Energy Cell.png x1 Grid Redstone.png x2 Grid Block of Iron.png x2

Solid Block

Grid Golden Transport Pipe.png

Any Pipe

Grid Hybrid Solar Panel.png

Any Power

Grid Glass Fibre Cable.png

Any Cable

Grid Silver Chest.png

Any Chest

Sand, Dirt or Cobble?[edit]

Any of these three materials can be combined with Phosphor to create Lava. Dirt and Cobblestone yield 1.6 buckets of Lava for one block + 2 phosphor, Sand yields 2 buckets of lava per one block + 2 phosphor. An infinite source of Cobblestone is the easiest to add, by placing an Igneous Extruder on top of the block material barrel.

Why A Hopper?[edit]

Capsule Overflow!
A hopper is used in this design because gates are not smart enough to look at specific slots of multi-inventory blocks like the Squeezer, and as a buffer against overflow. Hooking the Auto Workbench directly to the Squeezer with a Wooden Transport Pipe causes the Wax Capsules to overflow or run empty, because the Gate does not look at the single inventory slot for the capsules but the larger grid inventory for ingredients. There is also a delay between the Gate switching off and items being placed inside the Squeezer, as multiple capsules will be in transit inside the pipe and have nowhere to go.

The use of a Hopper gives the Gate a separate inventory it can look at to judge if more capsules are needed or not, which makes for a stable, more robust system.


Tutorial PP3.png
A space three blocks wide, four blocks tall (+3 blocks underground), and three blocks deep is needed. Allow extra space above the machine if automated delivery pipes are desired to refill the Barrels. Begin by placing the Squeezer in the middle of the space, leaving one block behind for wiring, and one block in front for the extraction pipe that will carry the Lava Capsules.

Attach one Pneumatic Tube to each side of the Squeezer, and a Hopper on top. Place one Filter on top of each Pheumatic Tube by standing above or jump-placing, ensuring that it is oriented as shown. Filters are direction specific and will only operate if correctly placed. A Screwdriver or Sonic Screwdriver can be used to rotate the Filter if available. Put the Auto Workbench on top of the Hopper, and a Barrel on top of the table and both filters.

Tutorial PP4.png
Engine Gate settings
Dig out three blocks of space below the machine. Place a Redstone Energy Cell against the bottom of the Squeezer to power it. Attach a Golden Conductive Pipe to the Energy Cell. Use a Wooden Conductive Pipe to connect the Golden pipe and an Electrical Engine. Wire the Engine to the power supply.

Configure the Redstone Energy Cell to IGNORE Redstone in the small tab on the right of the interface. The default output of 50MJ/t is fine, the Squeezer will use far less.

Put one Iron OR Gate on each conductive pipe. Iron OR Gates or higher tier are needed because normal Autarchic Gates cannot read Red Pipe Wire signals. Put one piece of Red Pipe Wire on each Conductive Pipe to connect them.

Set the top Gate (#1) attached to the Redstone Energy Cell to Can Store Energy / Red Pipe Signal. Set the bottom Gate (#2) to Red Pipe Signal / Redstone Signal. This means when the Redstone Energy Cell is not full, the top gate will turn on the red pipe wire. The bottom gate will detect this and emit a redstone signal, turning on the engine to begin recharging.

Tutorial PP5.png
Move to the back of the machine. Add the Stone Transport Pipe to the back of the Squeezer, and add an Autarchic Gate to it. Put a solid block on either side with one piece of Redstone Dust on each to connect the Filters to the Gate. Set the gate to Inventory Empty / Redstone Signal. This gate will watch the Squeezer's inventory and turn on when it sees there are no items left to process, triggering both Filters. When the items arrive in the Squeezer, the gate will shut off, ensuring only one set of items is pumped out each time, as Filters work on redstone pulses.

Squeezer Gate setting
Tutorial PP7.png
Add the Cobblestone Transport Pipe to the back of the Hopper, and connect it to the Auto Workbench with a Wooden Transport Pipe. The solid end of the wooden pipe needs to point at the Auto Workbench, use a Wrench to rotate it if necessary. Put the Autarchic Iron OR Gate on the wooden pipe, and the standard Iron OR Gate on the cobble pipe. Link them together with two pieces of Red Pipe Wire.

Set the Autarchic Gate (#3) to Red Pipe Signal / Energy Pulser. Set the gate below it (#4) to Inventory Empty / Red Pipe Signal. When the bottom Gate detects that the hopper is out of capsules, it will trigger the Autarchic gate to begin pulling capsules out of the Auto Workbench.

Wooden Pipe's Gate
Cobblestone Pipe's Gate
Filter setting
Tutorial PP1.png
Add a Wooden Transport Pipe and an Autarchic Gate set to Items in Inventory / Energy Pulser to the front of the Squeezer, and hook it up to storage or a battery of Industrial Centrifuges. Finally, configure the Filter handling the blocks by putting a half stack of Sand, Dirt of Cobble as appropriate in its inventory. This will tell the Filter to only release 32 blocks each time it is triggered, necessary because only half as many blocks are used as Phosphor. Without this filter setting, the Squeezer will clog up with unused blocks.

If supply and extraction are being automated, ensure that enough centrifuges are used to handle the output or overflow storage is available.