Autarchic Gate

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Autarchic Gate
Autarchic Gate

Name Autarchic Gate
Source Mod BuildCraft
ID Name Unknown
Type Gate
Stackable Yes (64)

The Autarchic Gate is the first tier of the autarchic gates. Autarchic gates are made in an Assembly Table. Autarchic gates are applied to Wooden Pipes and can serve different functions there.

Most importantly, it can be set up to run like a compact Redstone Engine with no redstone signal required by setting the first box to "Redstone Torch Off" and the second to "Energy Pulser." Additionally, by changing other conditions and the Autarchic Gate's response, the gate can also be used to detect conditions inside a machine and send redstone signals when conditions are met/remove them when broken, thus triggering other pipes or machines to interact with them.

It cannot interact with any kind of Pipe Wire and it has only a single condition/output slot. Strangely, it is considered a tier 1 "chip" even though one of its components, the Pulsating Chipset, is considered tier 2.

Making a Tier 1 Autarchic Gate require 10,000 MJ. Plus another 90,000 MJ for the Gate, Redstone Iron Chipset, and Pulsating Chipset.


Autarchic Gate can be used to create the following items: