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Name Butterfly
Source Mod Forestry
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable No

Buttefly is an Item added by Forestry. To catch a Butterfly 'Use' below it with a Scoop.

Some Butterflies are skittish so it might be best to sneak up to them before attempting to catch them. Butterflies only spawn around Forestry trees. It's helpful to have the Lepidopterist's Backpack so that when a new Butterfly is caught it will record it and display info about the new species at the top right of the screen.

Butterflies may be kept in any ordinary chest for safe keeping or in a Lepidopterist's Chest which can hold all specimens. An enclosure may be built, with lots of flowers and forestry trees inside, to let Butterflies roam freely, however they do have a determined lifespan and will not live forever. It is possible for new Butterflies to spawn within the enclosure.

To release a Butterfly anywhere, simply drop it on the ground and it should lift off shortly. If it doesn't, it could be because it's not the right climate or time of day for it to become active. This is where the Flutterlyzer comes in handy.


The traits of a Butterfly can be found by using an Flutterlyzer.

Certain Butterflies will need certain climates to become active, such as a warm and humid environment (tropical) or hot and dry (desert).

Size, Lifespan, Speed, and what Flowers they like will be listed in the Flutterlyzer and also if it's Diurnal, Nocturnal or both.

Each Butterfly is unique, and as with Bees, care is needed to make them happy.


Caterpillars can be obtained through breeding Butterflies.

In a Crafting Table insert a Butterfly, Serum, and a Jar with the Color and Breed of the Butterfly (retrieved from the Escritoire) to obtain a fertilized Butterfly.

Release this Butterfly around Forestry trees and after a while, it will lay Caterpillars on the tree's leaves. These may be picked up 'Using a Scoop on the leaves and may be scanned with the Flutterlyzer.

Caterpillars can be put back on trees by holding the caterpillar in hand and right-clicking on a leaf block.

Butterfly Species[edit]

In total there are 56 species but there are only 28 species available through creative mode or inventory edit. This includes species duplicates which are classified as a different Butterfly but are in fact the same species and will show up as catching a new species. Their sprites look slightly different as well as their traits.

An example of this would be the Monarch and its darker counterpart (which has slightly different traits and counts as a different Butterfly). Other examples are Speckled Wood and Brimstone each with slightly different sprites. It also counts as catching a new species and records new data in the Lepidoptery records.

List of Species[edit]


  • Butterflies are able to pollinate trees, much faster rate than most species of Bees.
  • It has been noted by Binnie that there is an update in order so that Butterfly breeding could be made possible, and possibly more.
  • It's believed, but not proven, that each Forestry tree can spawn a Butterfly. Taking that into account if an enclosure were filled with as many trees as possible, it could produce a higher Butterfly yield.

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