Bee (Forestry)

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Bee (Forestry)
Bee (Forestry)

Name Bee (Forestry)
Source Mod Forestry
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Identical Drones Only, (64)
A Cultivated Queen, Princess and Drone respectively.
Bees are a mechanic added by the Forestry mod and expanded by Extra Bees and/or Magic Bees. Bees are divided into Princesses (female) and Drones (male). When one of each is placed in an Apiary or Alveary, the Princess and Drone combine into a productive Queen with a limited lifespan. Queens will only work in favorable environments to their species and when their desired "flower" is present nearby.

Types of Bees[edit]

Forestry contains over 30 species of bees, while Extra Bees add more than 100 additional types, each with their own potential produce. Of these, 12 types are "mundane" or wild bees, available by breaking Beehives found naturally in the world. Bee species can be crossbred to improve traits and even create new species; see Bee Breeding for more information. A complete list of bees is available under Bee Species.


While mundane bees produce items of minimal value, many of the more advanced species provide alternate ways of obtaining non-renewable or difficult to acquire resources. Forestry's Backpack upgrades require bee keeping to obtain Woven Silk. Bees are required to get Honey Drops, Beeswax, Silk Wisps, Royal Jelly and Propolis, amongst other items. Honey can be used to increase production for Biomass, Phosphor yields renewable Lava. Their main products are various Combs, which need to be Centrifuged to gain the actual items. There are bees to produce almost every type of resource in FTB modpacks.


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