Avenging Bee

The Avenging Bee is a type of Bee added by Forestry.

Avenging bees are the final breed of bee in the radioactive family (Vindictive, Vengeful, & Avenging).

Because of the radioactive aura, care should be taken when breeding this line of bees. The hive can be placed high in the air to prevent random holes in your landscape. Note that the aura does not destroy blocks directly below the hive, which is where you should place your flowers.

The combs from this line of bees are relatively useless unless you are using GregTech. Pursuing this line of bees is only for the true bee breeder, as it provides several useful traits to breed into other bees. First, all three from this line offer a larger area (15x13x15). Second, the Avenging bee is the only bee in Forestry (discounting other add-on mods) with "Longest" lifespan.


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Breeding Pair Chance Result
Vengeful Bee x Vindictive Bee

Vengeful + Vindictive

4% Avenging Bee