Beehive (Forestry)

Beehive (Forestry)
Beehive (Forestry)

Name Beehive (Forestry)
Source Mod Forestry
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable Yes (64)
Solid Yes
Transparent No
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light No
Flammable No
Required Tool Scoop (Forestry)

Beehives are horizontally striped blocks that are found in various colors. Each hive will drop a princess and possibly a drone and/or a honeycomb appropriate to the type of hive. Hives are biome dependent and spawn only during world generation. They are the primary source of Princesses and Drones for Bee Breeding.


To collect a hive's Bees, a Scoop must be used. Breaking a hive with most other tools will drop only one corresponding Honey Comb, or sometimes even nothing. Most block-destroying machines, such as the Quarry or Block Breaker, are capable of harvesting beehive blocks and collecting the resulting bees. Since Princesses do not stack, it is necessary to bring along some form of extra storage such as an Apiarist's Backpack, an Ender Pouch attached to a self-emptying sorting system, or Canvas Bags when embarking on a long bee collection excursion. Unless the portal gun mod is installed, there is no way to acquire the beehive block itself without the use of Creative/cheats. It is possible to get the hives themselves by picking them up with the portal gun and dropping them on a torch or rails.

Most wild hives emit a low light level, making them easier to spot at night, especially with the use of Rei's Minimap. In wide open biomes, it's sometimes also possible to spot hives on the map during the day, if they have a contrasting color such as Meadows hives. There is a small chance (~5%) of receiving a Valiant Bee instead of the usual Princess or Drone from any wild hive. Water, Rock and Nether hives do not drop combs, while the standard Forestry hives will, ~80% of the time. The odds of getting a drone as well as a princess are also about 80%.[1]


DV Image Type Drops Biomes Location Glows?
250:1 Block Forest Hive.png Forest Hive Grid Forest Bee.png Forest Princess (always), Forest Drone (often), Honey Comb (often) Forest, Autumn Woods, Forested Hills, Birch Forest, Pine Forest Attached to Trees Yes
250:2 Block Meadows Hive.png Meadows Hive Grid Meadows Bee.png Meadows Princess (always), Meadows Drone (often), Honey Comb (often) Meadow, Plains, Mountains, Shrubland, Forest, Forested Hills, Green Hills, Extreme Hills, Birch Forest, Pine Forest, On Ground Yes
250:3 Block Desert Hive.png Desert Hive Grid Modest Bee.png Modest Princess (always), Modest Drone (often), Parched Comb (often) Desert, Mountain Desert On Ground Yes
250:4 Block Jungle Hive.png Jungle Hive Grid Tropical Bee.png Tropical Princess (always), Tropical Drone (often), Silky Comb (often) Rainforest, Extreme Jungle, Mini Jungle, Jungle Attached to Trees* Yes
250:5 Block End Hive.png End Hive Grid Ender Bee.png Ender Princess (always), Ender Drone (often), Mysterious Comb (often) The End On Ground Yes
250:6 Block Snow Hive.png Snow Hive Grid Wintry Bee.png Wintry Princess (always), Wintry Drone (often), Frozen Comb (often) Taiga, Mountain Taiga, Snowy Rainforest, Snow Forest, Tundra, Ice Plains, Ice Mountains On Ground* Yes
250:7 Block Swamp Hive.png Swamp Hive Grid Marshy Bee.png Marshy Princess (always), Marshy Drone (often), Mossy Comb (often) Swampland, Green Swamplands, Redwood Lush, Rainforest, Green Hills, Marsh, River On Ground Yes
960 Block Water Hive.png Water Hive Grid Water Bee.png Water Princess (always), Water Drone (often) Any Underwater - River, Ocean most common but other biomes with water are possible In Water No
960:1 Block Rock Hive.png Rock Hive Grid Rocky Bee.png Rocky Princess (always), Rocky Drone (often) Any Overworld Embedded in Stone* No
960:2 Block Nether Hive.png Nether Hive Grid Embittered Bee.png Embittered Princess (always), Embittered Drone (often) Nether Embedded in Netherrack No
960:3 Block Marble Hive.png Marble Hive Grid Marbled Bee.png Marbled Princess (always), Marbled Drone (often) In all biomes, including the Twilight Forest, with the ExtraBees mod. Deprecated and no longer spawns or releases bees when broken. On ground No
1754:1 Block Unusual Hive.png Unusual Hive Unusual Princess, Unusual Drone Jungle and Plains (possibly more) On ground Yes
1754:6 Block Curious Hive.png Curious Hive Mystical Princess, Mystical Drone Forest and Plains (possibly more) Attached to trees Yes
1754:2 Block Resonating Hive.png Resonating Hive Sorcerous Princess, Sorcerous Drone Desert (possibly more) On ground Yes
1754:3 Block Deep Hive.png Deep Hive Attuned Princess, Attuned Drone Mountains, Extreme Hills, Ominous Woods Buried below layer 15, usually embedded in patches of redstone Yes
1754:4 Block Infernal Hive.png Infernal Hive Infernal Princess, Infernal Drone Nether ; below layer 14 under certain Overworld biomes of BoP, like Ominous Woods, Mystic Grove, encased in Glowstone Embedded in Netherrack, especially in Nether-Quartz-Clusters Yes
1754:5 Block Oblivion Hive.png Oblivion Hive Oblivion Princess, Oblivion Drone The End- On the underside of the main island, on the top-side of the Obsidian pillars ; below layer 12 under certain Overworld biomes of BoP, like Ominous Woods, Mystic Grove, encased in Endstone Yes


  • Jungle Hives can be extremely high up and difficult to spot due to their low contrasting color with leaves.
  • Snow Hives are often covered with snow - if a glowing spot with no apparent light source is found, it may be a buried beehive.
  • Rock Hives can spawn completely encased in stone, but are most easily found while caving or by scanning ravines/cliffs.
  • An alveary with an active Swarmer can cause Swarm Hives to spawn in the area around the alveary. These will drop a clone of the queen installed in the alveary (with a negative trait causing them to often fail to produce a princess offspring).
  • The Infernal Hive and the Oblivion hive can be found underground, below level 12, in the Overworld in magical biomes. The Infernal hive will be encased in a patch of glowstone, and the Oblivion one in a patch of Endstone, making these resources available in the Overworld.


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