Backpack (Forestry)

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Name Backpack
Source Mod Forestry
ID Name Unknown
Type Item
Stackable NO

The Backpack is a Storage Item added by Forestry and Railcraft

Created to expand and add special features to the player's inventory, the Backpacks are Item specific and may be set to 4 different modes

Each Backpack is named according to the assigned item type that it may receive

To open a Backpack's inventory, 'Use' with it in hand (Selected in the Hot Bar)


To toggle the mode of a Backpack's features 'Use' it while 'Sneaking'

  1. Normal
    • Automatically picks-up assigned drops
  2. Lock (lock icon)
    • Items may be inserted into a Backpack manually, but it does not pick up drops
  3. Resupply (yellow arrow down icon)
    • Automatically resupplies items in the Players hotbar or inventory from the Backpack
  4. Receiving (green arrow up icon)
    • In this Mode 'Using' a chest while 'Sneaking' will transfer assigned Blocks/ Items from the chest to the Backpack

Basic Backpack[edit]

Woven Backpack[edit]


It is possible to assign additional items to the Backpacks by modifying the Forestry configuration files. Locate your Forestry configuration folder and edit the file "Backpack.conf" with the Item IDs of your choosing

This is especially important for the Adventurer's Backpack

Note: that the config files should be in sync between the client and the server in SMP


  • Basic Backpacks hold up to 15 stacks of Items
  • Woven Backpacks hold up to 45 stacks of Items
  • Basic Backpacks may be upgraded into Woven Backpacks using a Carpenter
  • Forestry Backpacks will only pick-up drops, this may cause some inconveniences when mining with a Wand of Equal Trade or other tools that directly insert into the player's inventory. A work around is to manually drop stacks of items for the Backpack to pick-up

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