Helium Plasma (GregTech 4)

Helium Plasma
Helium Plasma

Helium Plasma

Name Helium Plasma
Source Mod GregTech
ID Name Unknown
Type Liquid
Stackable Unknown

Helium Plasma is the first and only plasma added in by GregTech 4. As of GregTech 2.82c, Fusion Reactors using either of the two energy producing recipes now output Helium Plasma instead of EU as their primary mode of power generation. Liquiducts set to extract mode do this especially well. Aside from this, Helium Plasma can generally be moved like other liquids otherwise, moving through waterproofed BuildCraft Pipes, Liquiducts, and Liquid Tesseracts.

Helium Plasma stores an incredible amount of EU, with each bucket's worth having the capability of making 8,192,000 EU in a Plasma Generator at a rate of 2048 EU/t. Helium Plasma can be stored in Multi Tanks and Iron Tanks. It may also be placed into Cells, becoming Helium Plasma Cell upon being placed there.