Flux-Plated Fluiduct

Flux-Plated Fluiduct
Flux-Plated Fluiduct

Name Flux-Plated Fluiduct
Source Mod Thermal Dynamics
ID Name
Type Block
Stackable Yes (64)
Blast Resistance 30.0
Hardness 1.0
Solid Yes
Transparent Yes
Affected by Gravity No
Emits Light With Lava inside
Flammable No
Required Tool Crescent Hammer

The Flux-Plated Fluiduct is a block added by the Thermal Dynamics mod. This Fluiduct not only transport liquids, it also conducts energy along its surface at the rate of 2,000 RF per tick. Compatible with most mods' machines and Tanks. Some machines such as the Aqueous Accumulator or Pump and some tanks such as a Portable Tank [1] will output to a connected Fluiduct automatically. The Fluiduct has an Opaque version [2] that removes the ability to see the liquid inside, it is cheaper to make and may reduce lag. Opaque Fluiduct will still connect to regular Fluiducts. The transfer rate vary with the liquid tranported. This Fluiduct can transport extreme temperature liquids. The Fluiduct can carry only one type of liquid at a time and will not accept a different type unless completely empty.


GUI Crafting Table.png
Hardened Fluiduct
Signalum Nugget
Electrum Nugget (Thermal Foundation)
Signalum Nugget
Signalum Nugget

Electrum Nugget (Thermal Foundation)
Electrum Nugget (Thermal Foundation)

Flux-Plated Fluiduct
GUI Crafting Table.png
Hardened Fluiduct
Hardened Fluiduct

Hardened Fluiduct
Signalum Ingot

Electrum Ingot (Thermal Foundation)

Flux-Plated Fluiduct



'Right click' on the connection with a Crescent Hammer or any Wrench to disconnect, inversely, 'Right click' on the side to be connected. 'Shift+Right-clicking' will remove the duct [3]. To activate extraction supply a Redstone signal or use a Servo.


The type of fluid extracted may be filtered and Redstone control activation setting changed using a Servo [4] or a Retriever to extract from a remote source. 'Right-clicking' the Fluiduct connection with the Servo will install it, 'Right-clicking' again will open the GUI, where the Redstone signal setting may be changed to Disabled, Low or High. A ghost image of a fluid can be added to the filter inventory (using a bucket) and set to White or Black list.

Transfer Rate[edit]

The rate [5] at which Fluiducts transfer their contents depends on the fluid transported and is calculated with the formula:

  • \color {White}{\frac  {120,000}{{\text{Viscosity}}}}={\text{Rate of Flow }}_{{\text{mB/ tick}}}

Where Rate of Flow is a value restricted to be between 80 and 600 mB per tick. The table below list some common fluids' transfer rates:

Fluid Viscosity Transfer Rate
mB/ tick
Water 1,000 120
Resonant Ender 3,000 80
Lava 6000 80
Steam 200 600
Destabilised Redstone 1,500 80
Energised Glowstone 100 600


Flux-Plated Fluiduct has no known uses in crafting.

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  1. A Servo or Retriever is needed to extract from the side of a Portable Tank.
  2. To craft the Flux-Plated Fluiduct (Opaque) Hardened Fluiduct Hardened Fluiduct can be substituted with Hardened Fluiduct (Opaque) Hardened Fluiduct (Opaque).
  3. When Removing the Fluiduct the liquid inside will be lost.
  4. A Filter may also be used on the receiving end [of a Servo] if the Duct system is used for multiple liquids and/ or outputs.
  5. As with all Thermal Dynamics ducts, the transfer rate is per connection.